TIP OF THE WEEK® is a concept that started with a vision to help change-makers in the process of transition by providing valuable tips from experienced professionals from the Balkans.

What makes TIP OF THE WEEK® different is that it adapts to the new generation of readers, and to the speed and way in which information is absorbed nowadays. It offers a distinct, creative, 360° innovative and user-friendly approach to presenting information, which we believe will inspire, creatively encourage and motivate readers to become better day-by-day.



TIP OF THE WEEK® offers perspectives from successful entrepreneurs, managers, senior professionals and employees who are struggling with the challenges of everyday life in the Balkans.

The main creators of the TIP OF THE WEEK® concept, Petar Lazarov and Kalin Babusku, are ambitious, aware of their societal surroundings and constantly attempting to create recognisable world brands, while also trying to fully enjoy their work along the way.

The variety of authors, coming from 8 countries (Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo and Bulgaria) believe that their texts, personal experiences and views may in some way reach out to readers, and to at least for a moment motivate and inspire them in the challenges they face daily, both privately and professionally.

For more about the TIP OF THE WEEK® authors please read here.

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