TIP OF THE WEEK® #1 – My interactive handbook for personal and professional development – English edition

Original title of the book: TIP OF THE WEEK® #1 – My interactive handbook for personal and professional development – English edition
ISBN: 978-608-65582-3-9
Publishing year: 2018
Publishing house: KP Macedonia- Export Ltd
Number of pages: 131
Dimensions: 19×13
Cover: Soft
Language: English

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TIP OF THE WEEK® handbooks have been bought by more than 500 companies (mainly CEOs, different management levels, entrepreneurs, young business professionals) and are mainly used as an educational tool and mini training to encourage employees to deal with the challenges of everyday life, improve motivation, productivity, and performance at work. If you are interested in ordering more than 50 books for your team, please write us at: tow@tipoftheweek.co so that we can offer you a special deal.
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TIP OF THE WEEK® #1 – My interactive handbook for personal and professional development – English edition is the first interactive handbook for personal and professional development of a motivational and educational variety, written by 24 enthusiasts and successful professionals coming from the Balkans. It contains 39 practical and educational tips on how to improve, make a change and become more successful in various fields in your everyday life.

It is a 360° INNO product regarding its Development, Content architecture, Visual appearance, and Marketing and Sales strategy.

Innovation in Product Development — The concept was started by businesspeople Petar Lazarov and Kalin Babusku, who began sending short and practical tips every Thursday to their contacts. It was later supported by authors from 8 different Balkan countries, with the aim of combining different experiences of successful people from the region. The TIP OF THE WEEK ® handbook is the only one of its kind published in the Balkans and beyond.

Innovation in Structure — the handbooks are original in terms of the writing style and the interactive communication with readers, which provides opportunities for self-evaluation.

Innovation in Visual appearance — fully copyrighted work in terms of the design and visual concept, original cover, specially-made illustrations and fully designed interior text.

Innovation in terms of Marketing and Sales strategy — completely innovative approach with a special emphasis on social responsibility through the authors’ development of a unique and original sponsorship model (“COS model” – Customer Oriented Sponsorship Model), providing a variety of benefits both to the publisher of the handbooks and to buyers, as well as to companies that use the model.


Authors of TIP OF THE WEEK© © #1 – My interactive handbook for personal and professional development – Special edition

BABUSHKU Kalin and LAZAROV Petar are the creators of the TIP OF THE WEEK© © concept (www.tipoftheweek.co), consultants for marketing/branding, sales, management and export, as well as authors and owners of Macedonia-Export (www.macedonia-export.com). Their motto is: “Education, knowledge, development”.

BACKOVIĆ Ognjen is head of O. KLEINER AG for the Balkans, former Slovenian handball player and silver medalist at EHF EURO 2004 in Slovenia.

BURAZOR Marko is a consultant, trainer and author of books on non-verbal communication. Author of Learn the Language the Whole World Speaks (Non-verbal communication at work), and Non-Verbal Communication II (Differences between Cultures). Writes a blog at www.markoburazor.com.


(www.smardonline.com) and DENIS GAFURI B.I. (www.denisgafuri.com). He’s an active sales trainer and has organised and attended many trainings and conferences in Kosovo and abroad. Enjoys writing his blog on Sales Mastery.

IVANKOVIĆ MARIĆ Kata loves the magical process of creating a book on that painstaking journey from idea to final print, and adores creativity and change. Founder of Naklada Nika (www.nakladanika.hr).

IVANOVA Silvena is a graduate in urban design and space design, but for the past seven years she’s been specialising in graphic and digital design. Has been working for Delicatessen (www.delicatessen.bg) since its inception, and in 2017 her work was awarded the Prize Pack for Luxurious Packaging and Transport Display Box.

KAZAZOVIĆ Hana is a blogger and has a personal blog called Cyber Bosanka at www.cyberbosanka.me. She loves social media and loves telling positive stories.

KRAJNC Milan is the creator of the Dynamic Leadership Model (www.dynamicleadership.management). His expertise is in solving the challenges that arise from the interaction of different personality types within a company or organisation of any size and scope, from local to national levels.

LEKO Katarina is director of Manjgura PR agency (www.manjgura.hr/en/), communications consultant and educator. She believes that the most important thing in our private and professional lives is the courage to completely change direction, because it doesn’t matter how successful you are if your heart isn’t in the right place.

JOVANOVSKI Aleksandar has been working for more than 15 years as a consultant and instructor in organisational development and management in Macedonia and the region.

MARIČIĆ Branislav is director of the Finesa Education Centre (www.finesa.edu.rs). His motto is “I learn, I love, I serve”. More than 20,000 people have attended his seminars. Author of the book Self-discipline.

MEDAKOVIĆ-TOPALOVIĆ Mia is editor-in-chief of Refresh Your Life (RYL), lifestyle and mind style e-magazine (www.ryl.rs). Journalist, photographer, lover of art, traveller.

MOČEVIĆ Dobrila has been studying public relations for the past 16 years and working for more than a decade for PRIME Communications (www.prime.ba), a leading PR agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She’s been the agency’s executive director for the past five years. Doesn’t read candidates’ resumes, but instead decides on the basis of communication. Loves her job.

PENIĆ Ivica is an expert on Facebook marketing, entrepreneur, author, mentor and business skills trainer. Co-founder of Grow Up Academy (www.grow-up.me). Through social media he reaches out daily to tens of thousands of fans in the region. Author of two books and several educational programmes on sales and marketing.

PETROVIĆ Maja loves a healthy food, aphrodisiacs and research work. One of the best bloggers in Serbia, with her blog Vitki gurman (www.vitkigurman.com), and author of the book Gourmet Connections.

PETROVSKI Davor is an instructor in the spiritual and martial arts who devotes particular attention to urban education, culture and subculture, as well as the retro-contemporary trend of avant-garde life and survival.

POPOVIĆ Tatjana is a certified health coach, author, educator and speaker. She is the founder of Totally Wellness (www.totallywellness.com), her own private practice in Manhattan, and is actively engaged in numerous projects in cooperation with domestic companies aiming to improve the nutrition and lifestyle of children and adults.

PURETA Igor is a president of the management board of Grawe Croatia. Likes to motivate people, and knows how to lead them, so is interested in things on leadership because he considers it essential to the leading of people. Writes a blog on www.igorpureta.com.

TRAJANOV Tosho is a software engineer, AI enthusiast, community volunteer. He is the co-founder of Adeva (www.adeva.co), a company that aims to help startups and enterprises to set up high performance distributed teams.

TRAJCHEVSKA Katerina is a backend consultant and remote-work advocate. She is the co-founder and CEO of Adeva (www.adeva.co), managing remote teams for world-class startups and enterprises. Katerina actively takes part in initiatives on equality and giving back to the community.

TROSHANOV Marin is a customer-focused and people-oriented visionary leader with more than 10 years experience in Service Delivery and Sales. He’s received many prestigious awards for his achievements while working in different positions for international companies. Also an award-winning author of novels, comic scripts and blogs. Writes a blog on: www.troshanov.wordpress.com.

VRATNICA Dragan has been working for BAR-KOD (www.bar-kod.com), one of the largest distribution companies in Montenegro, since it was founded in 1999. He worked as sales director for many years, before taking on the role of commercial director, his current position. One of the people who deserves most credit for BAR-KOD’s development and success.

VULIĆ Vladimir is a management, innovation and social media consultant. Co-founder of the NGO Digitalizuj.me. (www.digitalizuj.me) Programme Director of the Spark.me conference. Has 12 years of experience teaching Strategic Management at the University of Montenegro. Two-time TEDx speaker, as well as keynote speaker in 15 countries across three continents.


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