TIP OF THE WEEK® #2 – Прирачник за личен и за професионален развој – Macedonian Edition

Original tittle of the book: TIP OF THE WEEK® #2 – Прирачник за личен и за професионален развој
ISBN: 978-608-65582-2-2
Publishing year: 2015
Publishing house: KP Macedonia- Export Ltd
Number of pages: 114
Dimension: 19×13
Cover: Soft
Language: Macedonian

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TIP OF THE WEEK® handbooks have been bought by more than 500 companies (mainly CEOs, different management levels, entrepreneurs, young business professionals) and are mainly used as an educational tool and mini training to encourage employees to deal with the challenges of everyday life, improve motivation, productivity, and performance at work. If you are interested in ordering more than 50 books for your team, please write us at: tow@tipoftheweek.co so that we can offer you a special deal.
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The handbook is the second TIP OF THE WEEK®#2  edition published in Macedonia after the success of “TIP OF THE WEEK#1“ – being the most sold handbook for personal and professional development in Macedonia with over 8000 copies sold in only 2 years since it was published. Furthermore, more than 500 companies from different sectors used it to motivate their employees as part of their training programs.

This edition is dedicated to CHANGE – in all its glory, because the changes have to become our habits, be part of our everyday life and make us different from the competition, the colleagues, from the surroundings.

It is a 360° INNO product regarding its Development, Content architecture, Visual appearance, and Marketing and Sales strategy.

Innovation in Product Development — The concept was started by businesspeople Petar Lazarov and Kalin Babusku, who began sending short and practical tips every Thursday to their contacts. It was later supported by authors from 8 different Balkan countries, with the aim of combining different experiences of successful people from the region. The TIP OF THE WEEK ® handbook is the only one of its kind published in the Balkans and beyond.

Innovation in Structure — the handbooks are original in terms of the writing style and the interactive communication with readers, which provides opportunities for self-evaluation.

Innovation in Visual appearance — fully copyrighted work in terms of the design and visual concept, original cover, specially-made illustrations and fully designed interior text.

Innovation in terms of Marketing and Sales strategy — completely innovative approach with a special emphasis on social responsibility through the authors’ development of a unique and original sponsorship model (“COS model” – Customer Oriented Sponsorship Model), providing a variety of benefits both to the publisher of the handbooks and to buyers, as well as to companies that use the model.

Contains 40 practical and educational tips on how to improve, make a change and become more successful in various fields in your everyday life.

What others have said about this handbook…. 

“… a great handbook compatible for everyone who wants to make a change.“
Igor Stefanovski – Idze
Racing driver – European Hill-Climb champion 2014 & 2015

“Wisely and purely balances emotions in ourselves and inspiring professionalism.”
Phd Nina Fiti -Nedelkovska /
МA Natasha Brova
Komercijalna banka AD

“I swallowed the content in an instance.“
Goce Peshev
Macedonian Association for Metal and Electrical Industry (MAMEI)

The texts sound as if the authors have put them into practice, so they know what they’re talking about.
Aleksandar Popovski

“MUST HAVE handbook that I strongly recommend to everyone.”
Iskra Vetadzokoska Mucunska

“The tips are created on the basis of a western reflective matrix, but adapted to fit our reality.“
Ivan Novakovski
International high school  NOVA


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